4 Leading Tea Brokers in Sri Lanka


Tea brokering is a highly mission-critical and profitable operation. The companies that operate in the Tea Brokering Industry are looking for ERP solutions that are strong in managing the numerous Financial Management Operations related to many operational streams such as tracking of auction sales, private sales, resales, claims, sales of spices, etc.

Why Us:

Jinasena Infotech is the only partner in the industry with competency and sound domain knowledge in Tea Brokering Operations, bridging the front-end Tea Brokering Third Party Systems with Dynamics NAV ERP platforms.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It was a fully-fledged enterprise solution deployment with extensive process customizations, covering modules such as Financial Management, Inventory Management, Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, and Assembly Management.

Further, Dynamics NAV covers the below operations unique to Tea Brokering operations:
  • Auction Sales
  • Private Sales
  • Friday Sales
  • Resales
  • Claims
  • Spices Sales
  • Plantation Services

Integrated solution where the Dynamics NAV ERP seamlessly integrated with front-end Tea Brokering applications where all the relevant financial information flow to the Dynamics NAV Platform and through which the companies can gain financial analyses related to auction sales, private sales, resales, claims, sales of spices, etc.

  • Operational efficiency with greater control resulted in greater cost savings
  • Sales and purchase forecasting provides greater visibility in sales and profitability
  • Effective & efficient warehousing empowering operations
  • Process visibility
  • Plug-in revenue leakages
  • Role-tailored experience